Gardens Ministry

God's simple means to bless others with cheap yet beautiful plants || Also His simple means to employ those who love plants and help sustain the ministry

The Immutable Law of God

The 10 commandments of God govern the entire government of the just and holy Kingdom of Heaven where perfect love reigns. These 10 commandments are unchangeable and eternal.

What Must I Do to be Saved

God has promised eternal life but what is the condition and requirements? Find out.

God's Love Letter for Us

The Bible is the Word of God which is His Best Love Letter for Us.

Perfection is Our Goal

What is perfection? Is it a state of being sinless today? Find out what the Bible says what we must become.

Who is Jesus?

He is more than the babe that was born in a manger. He is more than the One who was Crucified for our sins. He is the King of Kings!!!

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